How To Dress For Your Body Type?

Most of us tend to feel uncomfortable and not look our best in the clothes we wear because we haven’t learnt how to dress appropriately for our body type. In order to find out the shape of your body first get a tape and measure your shoulders, bust, waist and hips. Read on to find out the different types and the way to dress to flatter your body.

Apple shaped body

This is when the upper half of your body is more voluptuous than your lower half. You may not have the thinnest waist line. Your shoulders are wide with a heavy bust line and you tend to gather weight in your midline. The best type of clothes for you is anything that takes attention away from the midline. So a V neck top or a short skirt that will show your bust line and legs is a good choice. But avoid body fitting dresses and trousers that are flared.

Hourglass body shape

This is the shape that is the most proportionate and you are lucky if you own it. You can’t really go too wrong with dressing for this body type. Tops with V-shaped necklines will show off your upper half and an A-line skirt can show off your lower half. Since you have a slender waist, a belt over the top to exaggerate it, will be ideal for you. Do not hide that shape by pairing a loose top with a loose bottom.

Pear shaped body

This is when you have very narrow shoulders and a smaller upper half compared to your lower half. You must dress to show off your shoulders, a strapless jumpsuit Australia will suit you better than anyone else. Sweet heart necklines, wide legged pants and crop tops maybe ideal for you. You can even create an illusion of an hourglass look by pairing a skinny jean with a loose top.

Rectangle shaped body

Here, your body shape is well balanced from shoulders to hip and there is no very fine definition. You can show off your legs and arms if you prefer to. Sleeveless maxi dresses maybe ideal for you especially if you are tall. You can also wear strapless tops and tops with sweetheart necklines. Being aware of your body type can save you from being disappointed about your clothing choices. If a certain outfit doesn’t suit you, do not be discouraged, it only means that you have something better for you in which you would look amazing. It is only a matter of time till you find that outfit.