Bored At Work? 5 Fun Things To Do To Reduce The Boredom

I think you’ll agree that a terribly boring work day drags on and on. If you like the idea of clock watching then by all means enjoy yourself. Others may prefer watching paint dry to sitting in an office all day doing monotonous tasks. Perhaps you are wondering what kinds of things you can do at work to turn it from dull and boring to fun and interesting? No matter who you are or what kind of office job you are in, the 5 listed fun things to do at work below are based on increasing your enjoyment:

Post on social media

Based on what’s been spoken about on online forums and articles, about half of employers frown upon or forbid employees from using social media at work while the other half don’t mind as long as it doesn’t affect your work of course. Some may even see it as a plus because it is an excellent resource for companies to get ahead. Here’s your excuse to get on your favourite site and see what your friends are up to, read some articles, and post some updates. 

Shop online

The internet is a new twist on the idea of window shopping. There’s nothing you can’t do; buy online streetwear NZ, get your groceries, and compare flight prices for your next trip.

Talk to colleagues

Human beings are social creatures. Keep your natural instincts happy by chatting with colleagues. This isn’t about office politics or all that nonsense. Just having a chat with other people in your team or elsewhere can break up a dull day. What’s great about talking to others is that they can help you solve issues you might be having. After all, as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Go out for a coffee

The free coffee provided by a lot of companies is a great perk of the job, I agree. However, it doesn’t eat up much time going from your chair to the coffee machine or kettle. Go on, time yourself how long it took to get a coffee. Instead, make getting a coffee an excuse to stretch your legs outside and breathe in some fresh air. You don’t have to go out for a coffee; a green tea will do the job just as well.

Do chair exercises

Here’s your chance to develop the six pack you’ve always dreamed of having. Ok not really but chair exercises are simple, free, and can give you a pretty good work out. Just using your core to support your balance, sit up straight in your chair and lift your legs up and down in a slow and controlled motion. The beauty about this exercise is that no one knows that you’re working on getting rock hard abs; unless your face turns red and you break out in a sweat. Don’t overdo it, have fun.